Blog Giveaway: Hustle Mama wraps


One of our most popular items at Frances are the adorable Mason Jars & various interchangable sleeves from local creative Hustle Mama! Can we just say how much we adore these new cacti designs?! Lesser known is that Hustle Mama also makes little Sandwich and snack wraps! Being an eco-friendly snacker has never been easier (or cuter!)  In a world […]

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Meet Jane!


If you have ever been to Frances, odds are real good that you have met and been helped by Jane! She has been with Frances since the very beginning, adding her kindness and creativity to every interaction and display she is involved in. She is truly a special part of Frances and our team, and we are […]

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Kaycee’s hype list!


It’s always fun to check in with our staff and see what’s got them excited these days… and Kaycee did not disappoint! Share your new favorites with us in the comments section below. BRANDS:  TRENDS: 1. The love for all things cactus makes me happy! 2. GOLD Baby!! Give me all the gold jewelry! 3. Effortless […]

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Music Monday


Dream pop duo Beach House is back with a new album, “Depression Cherry,” and it’s everything we’d been waiting for. You can expect their usual blend of daydream worthy lightness, met with just enough theatricality to give it the weight it needs to hit home in the way their albums always do. Check out the Pitchfork enthusiastic review, […]

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Meet Selina!


Name: Selina Hometown: Moorpark, CA Time at Frances: 6 months Hidden Skills: Photography, Scrapbooking, and Interior Decorating What are you reading?: Lonely Planet Thailand (Travel Guide) (available at Changing Hands) Favorite neighborhood hang out: Downtown, on Washington Street Little known fact: I’m obsessed with goats & miniature pigs (oink!) and I am a travel bug. […]

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Music Monday!


The new Teen Daze album “Morning World” is here, and we love it. While the album is reminiscent of his older work, there is a definite shift on this album, likely from John Vanderslice’s involvement. The icing on the cake? The simple, yet transfixing, collage style video for the title track. Delightful! Also, we had […]

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Meet Kaila!


Name: Kaila Nickname: Some people call me KK, but my mom calls me Bunky!  Hometime: Phoenix native! Length of time at Frances: 1.5 years Hidden Talent: I can touch my nose with my tongue What I’m currently reading: Grey… totally embarrassing but I actually like the 50 Shades of Grey series. Most visited neighborhood hang […]

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Endless Summer


We are SO excited for Saturday!! Come hang with us, meet the girls from the Shine Project, and eat some tasty snacks from Waffle Crush and AZ Pops! We will also be having a huge raffle going for prizes from Frances and our awesome Medlock Plaza neighbors Stinkweeds, The Clutter House, and Golden Rule Tattoo! 

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Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 3.54.30 PM

Inspirational Woman: Maggie Wolf


At just 15 years old Maggie Wolf has already made her mark on the world with her eloquent and inspirational video about the struggle of self-identity in our modern day culture. An avid writer and film-maker, Maggie’s “Idealistics” captures what it feels like to conceal your true self in an effort to meet societies expectations and […]

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