Blog Giveaway: Hustle Mama wraps


Blog Giveaway: Hustle Mama wraps


One of our most popular items at Frances are the adorable Mason Jars & various interchangable sleeves from local creative Hustle Mama! Can we just say how much we adore these new cacti designs?! Lesser known is that Hustle Mama also makes little Sandwich and snack wraps! Being an eco-friendly snacker has never been easier (or cuter!) HustleMama

In a world full of disposable packaging, these little are the perfect solution for daily snacking without all the waste! The exterior of these wraps are designer fabric like the mason jar sleeves, and the interior layer is food safe, water resistant, bpa free, uncoated nylon.  After use, simply shake or wipe the insides, or if you made a particularly messy PB&J you can rinse with hot soapy water  or place in your washer/dryer.

To enter to win this set of HustleMama snack wraps, simply comment below and tell us what your favorite on the go snack is! HustleMama


21 thoughts on “Blog Giveaway: Hustle Mama wraps

  1. These are adorable and so perfect for any parent that’s on the go. Our favorite on the go snack is a salty trail mix! ????

  2. Love my Hustle Mama mason jar sleeve! And that elephant print is great! My favorite snack on the go is cucumber slices and a little bit of hummus!

  3. I absolutely love these bags! We are always on the go and snacks are non stop with 2 kids- our favorites at the moment are popcorn, homemade granola, banana “cookies”, and always apple slices!

  4. I love these bags!! My favorite snack is either apple slices, or trail mix. With chocolate in there of course 😉

  5. My favorite snack is white cheddar popcorn! My family LOVES reusable snack bags and elephants ????

  6. I love these! What a great idea. My fave on the go snack is homemade granola bars…I’ve been baking up a batch each Sunday these last few weeks :)

  7. Super cute! Fave on the go snacks would have to be carrot sticks or unsalted nuts! Would love a set of these Eco-friendly, reusable bags to carry them in! Thanks for the chance. :-)

  8. I’m a huge fan of all things green, and I love these bags! My fav on the go snack is trail mix (with lots of peanut m&ms!)

  9. My favorite on the go snack is probably fruit or some type of granola/protein bar. I’m in love with the single serve Justin’s nut butter to go with my fruit!

  10. Banana chips!! They work perfect to keep a small snack in your purse. Love the mason jars, too. I have a couple with flowers and a couple of colorful calaveras. Love her fabric choices ????

  11. So cute! My kiddos favorites are pears and a “trail mix” of cheerios, craisins, and some chocolate chips thrown in. Cuz, chocolate.

  12. Fruit is almost always the pick at our house…this week’s favorite is peaches!

    Hustle Mama has the best things! Love it all!

  13. Love those snack bags & Mason jars. My favorite on the go snack lately has been grapes, apple slices & a clif bar

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