Meet Jane!


Meet Jane!


If you have ever been to Frances, odds are real good that you have met and been helped by Jane! She has been with Frances since the very beginning, adding her kindness and creativity to every interaction and display she is involved in. She is truly a special part of Frances and our team, and we are thrilled to share some more about our lovely friend. :)

Name: Jane

Nickname: My high school friends called me Lucy!


Hometown: Rapid City, South Dakota

Hidden Talent: Floral Arranging (she also planted all those beauties in front of Frances!) jane

What she’s reading: A book about the life of the Wright Bros. from Changing Hands!

Favorite neighborhood hang out: Pomo Pizzeria

Favorite style icons: My daughters!


Favorite pages to follow: the Frances Instagram

Staff Picks:

1. Red beaded necklace

2. The Frances + Standard Wax Bamboo candle

3. The Emily McDowell card line


Favorite song on repeat right now:



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