Crafeteria Giveaway: Megumi Lemons!


Crafeteria Giveaway: Megumi Lemons!



Megumi Lemons is a local illustrator who draws inspiration from children’s picture books, vintage photographs, and beautiful photographs of faraway places. Megumi’s father, a carpenter, used to make plush toys for her when she was a child.  This was a big influence on her and how much she enjoys making things with her hands.

Using acrylic she creates prints on both canvas and paper. She also paints directly on wooden pendants and brooches, creating “little pieces of wearable art.”

She is looking forward to seeing all the other artists at Crafeteria, and we are so excited to have her participating!

For a chance to win this adorable print, comment below and tell us what from your childhood inspires you today!

Megumi Lemons_prints

9 thoughts on “Crafeteria Giveaway: Megumi Lemons!

  1. My teachers always inspired me! They are part of the reason why I became a teacher. Hopefully I am inspiring some of my students in the same way.

  2. That print is adorable! The childhood attitude that anything is possible is what continues to drive me today!

  3. Movies and the soundtracks to movies always inspired me as a child. It’s one of the biggest reasons why I am studying to become a filmmaker.

  4. There was a book called The Big Orange Splot about a house that was decorated differently than the others on the block. The owner was much happier than the others because he did something that was true to himself. This inspired the other owners to follow suit.

  5. I had a great framed print by Arthur Rackham. It featured some animals in a room and they were wearing clothes and one was smoking a pipe. This always fascinated me and started me on a love of illustration.

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