Blog giveaway: Swaddle blankets


Blog giveaway: Swaddle blankets


SwaddlephraseOne of the mainstays of the Frances baby department are the lovely Swaddle Designs blankets! These swaddles are soft, feature adorable prints, and have instructions on how to swaddle sewn into each blanket. A total win!

“Supine swaddling is important because it helps babies transition from womb to world, reduces incidence of SIDS, helps babies sleep better and longer, and decreases awakenings due to the startle reflex. By helping parents master the art of swaddling, the Ultimate Swaddling Blanket is a great confidence builder for new parents.”

Swaddle Designs is the brainchild of a Lynette Damir, a registered nurse who noticed that the new parents she was aiding were unsuccessful at replicating the type of swaddle that medical professionals achieve. Realizing the problem was in both the design of the blanket being used and lack of technique knowledge, Lynette combined her medical and Art Institute of Seattle background to come up with a solution to this problem. The first customer Swaddle Designs had was a major hospital who made a huge purchase, and the company has been growing ever since!

Other notables about Swaddle Designs:

*Manufactured in the USA, and eco-friendly! Swaddle Designs uses domestic fabrics featuring sustainable & recycled fibers, and recyclable packaging. There is also an Organic line available.

*Trusted brand. With over 1 million products sold, it is not hard to find positive feedback about Swaddle Designs, from doctors, to celebrities, to every day parents across the country. The testimonials and press coverage attest to the quality and functionality over & over again.

To celebrate Swaddle Designs we are having a giveaway! Answer the question below to enter to win pair of these adorable Swaddles! Tell us what your most beloved item from childhood was & if you still have it. Swaddle500

9 thoughts on “Blog giveaway: Swaddle blankets

  1. My most beloved item from my childhood was my mint green blankie and YES I still have pieces of it today! I used to suck my thumb and nuzzle my precious blankie under my nose. Now my kiddos each have special blankies from when they were newborns. Therefore I understand the importance of a quality swaddle to use to wrap your babe ☺️

  2. I loved my “blue blanket” my grandma made me and my little teddy bear named “Catie”. Definitely have both still. They were both with me through childhood. Actually, my one year old son found Catie in my nightstand the other day. Swaddle blankets were definitely an essential for my son and I have been trying to decide what swaddle blankets to get for my next son who will be here soon! Love that my son will have his through childhood.

  3. Mine was definitely my “Punkin” Doll (my Dad’s nickname for me). So excited to introduce her to my daughter when she is born in January!

  4. My beloved item from childhood is my red blankie. It’s not actually a blanket at all. My grandma cut up one of her nightgowns (cut off the top and undid the seams) and let me have it. I would take that thing everywhere. I absolutely still have it! My son loves to hold it at night now. He lives all his blankets; at nap time he usually has one in his hand.

  5. Mine was a homemade blanket that my grandmother made. I loved it to almost threads when we decided to use it as stuffing for a pillow. I still have that treasure!

  6. Mine was a battery-operated pink, snorting pig! And i still do have it, though it’s very dirty so it is stored someplace safe by my mommy :)

  7. My beloved doll was a 3′ stuffed clown that my grandmother made me when I was one. I took Buddy everywhere I went. I still have him and plan on giving him to my son on his one year birthday.

  8. My most beloved item from childhood was a blanket. I had it most of my childhood, but I haven’t seen it in recent years. I’d imagine that it got lost in a move somewhere along the way.

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